Axure 10 - how to set the error state for a specific field type?

Hi all,
It’s great I can set a field type to be “phone number” and set its error style. But how on earth do i define what the error state is for that field? The way it sounded initially, it seemed like the error state parameters would be “built in” to the selected field type, but that’s not happening.

Do I still need to use conditionals and cases to set this up? Or am I missing some Action that is “Error state”? Any help is SO appreciated, thank you.

(PS: Generally, I’m frustrated by the severe lack of documentation and help/support on the new features in 10… anyone else?)


it’s in the interaction tab. once you click the element, choose the shape properties dropdown, and there u will see the error style section, you can make the design adjustments there.

There currently is no built-in error messaging features. I too was pretty disappointed in this. Style-wise, all you can do is change how the input/typing area display in an error-state (most commonly will be red border).

If you’re looking for a way to show/hide an error message below the input field, you still have to build a separate error-message component and use conditional logic to show/hide it.