Axure 8 and 9 doesn't work on mac (10.15 beta)


I cant launch the app on mac os 10.15
Please fix it.

Axure 8 and 9 doesn’t work on mac (10.15 beta)

Same here. I can’t get either version to run with macOS 10.15 (Catalina).


I’m hoping there is a Beta release that is updated for the new version of macOS. I just can’t seem to find a link to Beta releases outside of downloading them from the application itself.

If Axure could send out a quick fix, that would be awesome!


Hi all,

Thanks for posting! We’re aware that the macOS 10.15 developer beta build has just been released for testing a couple of days ago. As of yet, Axure RP is not yet supported on 10.15, but will be after there has been more time for testing, investigation, and fixing of any unexpected issues with the new OS.

As before with past OS updates, we advise against updating your OS to beta builds until they are stable and better supported, and for now recommend that you stay on one of the supported operating systems (macOS 10.9 through 10.14).

We’ll be working on testing and applying fixes for macOS 10.15, and these will be included in the release notes of builds that include the relevant fixes. You can check release notes via “Help > Check for Updates” and via our release history page. Thanks!

Axure rp9 can not work on mac 10.15
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Update: The latest build of Axure RP 8 and Axure RP 9 are compatible with macOS 10.15. If you haven’t updated already please do so, and if you still run into issues then please try the troubleshooting guide as a next step. If the issue persists, then please send the AxureLog.txt file generated in the last step of that guide over to so that we can take a look. Thank you!