Axure wont importing SVG files

I’m using os Mojave 0.14.6 and when I try to drag/drop an SVG file into the stage, nothing happens.
Does someone have the same issue?

Hi maricate!

Hmm, what kind of SVG file is being dragged and dropped onto the canvas? Is it a Font Awesome SVG? There’s a known issue on file where Font Awesome SVGs render in an unexpected way when placed in Axure RP 9. Does the SVG seem to display in your Outline pane as the text “(SVG)”? If the SVG behaves in this way, you can try selecting the SVG through the Outline pane, right-click on the selection on the canvas, and then click “Transform Image > Convert SVG to Shapes”. Please let me know if this helps!

Hello Chelsea,

Thank you so much for this reply. I certainly use “Transform Image > Convert SVG to Shapes” feature. I am wondering if you know how can I export an icon created in an Axure file to SVG file so I can share it with a developer easily? I don’t find a way. I really appreciate your help.

I am also wondering if I can export pages from Axure as pdf file format?

Thank you.