Axure 9 3665 Build is super sluggish on MacOS Catalina

MacOS 10.15, Axure 9 (3665) scrolling, zooming, moving within document is slow, i’m not using any libraries. Also when you first launch Axure in Catalina, it says, this app is not safe, seems like it’s needed to be notarized by apple. I think for the price you ask for this soft, it’s not acceptable, that it’s still in unusable condition on MacOS.

On my external display 4k scaled to 1080p, it seems to work ok, but on my built-in MBP 15" 2019 display it’s horrible, also it’s not related to a specific project/file, because i’m using a blank new document.

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Same stuff here. iMac 5k, 2017…

Hi! The issue with the OS popup preventing Axure RP from launching right away after upgrading to 10.15 is being looked into on our end. To get around it (for those still running into the issue) you can go to “System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General” and click “Open Anyway” next to Axure RP.

For the lag that you’re seeing in new files on 10.15, do there have to be certain types of widgets on the page to reproduce the issue (for example, images)? Or do you have the Axure RP window open at a very large windowed size (e.g. taking up most of the monitor space but not set to full screen mode)? This would help to verify what sort of scenario the lag is occurring in so that we can investigate.

Hi @Alyssa_Axure,

Here is a screencast of the issue -

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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Thanks for the video @kckfm! That was very helpful for us. :slight_smile: There’s a known issue that we’re looking into on our end where Macs with very high resolution monitors cause Axure RP to perform more slowly (even with small files), specifically if the resolution settings are higher and if the Axure RP window size is large and not in full screen mode. If you both wouldn’t mind, could you post screenshots of your current display settings for your monitors so that we can verify your settings? You should be able to see those in “System Preferences > Displays”.

As far as current workarounds, one method would be to turn down the resolution on your monitor to see if that helps. Alternatively, we’ve also had some users report that clicking the green button in the application titlebar to go full screen (instead of double-clicking the header to maximize the window) also helps to prevent some of the lag, if you haven’t tried that already.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Alyssa_Axure

I use the full 5k resolution. I have 2 monitors. The second one is EIZO ColorEdge CG223W (low res monitor - no lag there).


Excellent, thank you for those! I’ll add those spec to the ticket we have filed. Meanwhile hopefully one of the workarounds works for you; using the green “+” button in the Axure RP title bar to go full screen should help to reduce lag a bit without you having to change your resolution on the 5k monitor.

@Alyssa_Axure, making it full screen, using the green + icon does not make it better. Waiting for a fix, thanks!

@Alyssa_Axure i have standard Macbook Pro 15" 2019 retina display which is 2880x1800 i use it in scaled mode 1440x900, windowed mode. Also green plus sign did nothing for me either.

No sense for me to scale down resolution… @Alyssa_Axure please make sure this fix comes very soon.

Experiencing the same sluggishness since upgrading to Catalina. When zooming and scrolling, Axure becomes choppy and frequently hangs. The sluggishness seems to grow worse the more zoomed in the project gets.

Running Axure on a Macbook Pro running MacOS 10.15
Using a two monitor setup with resolutions of 1680x1050 and 2560x1440. The choppiness is problematic when running Axure on either monitor.

Hi everyone, thanks for all the info! This is helpful. I’ve added your additional details to the ticket we have on file with QA. With regard to the full screen workaround (green “+”), it looks like this used to work but now no longer seems to improve the performance, unfortunately (sorry about that!). I’ve checked in with our team and it looks like investigation for this one is actively being investigated. Thank you for helping to track the issue with all these details! :slight_smile:

The sluggishness on Catalina appears to be gone for me. Between getting the latest Axure 9 beta update yesterday ( and updating to the latest Catalina release today (10.15.1), zooming and panning around my Axure projects feels a lot more responsive.

Hi iguy! That’s great to hear. Interestingly, the latest release candidate build (3672) didn’t include any performance improvements for macOS 10.15; if the improvement in performance came along with updating your OS to 10.15.1 and nothing else changed on your machine or in your display settings, then it may be that Apple released some improvements on their end that helped. To confirm, the lag on the canvas is gone even if the Axure RP window is at a large size on your high res monitors and the display settings are using the higher resolution? If so then that’s great, and hopefully updating to 10.15.1 helps others as well! We’ll keep an eye out for news either way and confirm with QA. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the lag is much better since updating the Mac to 10.15.1. Axure runs well while zooming and panning at full screen on the 2560x1440 monitor.

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I am having the sluggish performance / choppiness / lag also. Panning is bearable. Zoom is not.

I am on Axure (which is the latest version available at my company).

macOS 10.15.5 (Catalina)
MacBook Pro 2019
display: 16-inch (3072x1920)

It does seem slightly better on the lower-resolution external monitor. (But only when there’s basically nothing on the canvas.)

Is this still an open backlog item to be fixed?..


EDIT: It appears this has been an issue since an early beta version and remains so:

that problem was a time ago, for me at least. This is what it helped me:

It costed me some time to found out but now I know when this problem occurs: when my laptop is connected to an external screen I have no problem om that screen. If I drag the same project window to my laptop screen then I have the problem again.

To solve this problem I had to change the colour display profile, in my laptop settings, from “Colour LCD” to “Apple RGB” (or whatever, the only problem was “Colour LCD”).

Perhaps this helps you …

Thanks. Yeah tried changing the color profile but it didn’t seem to make much difference.

The lag is slightly better on the lower-resolution external monitor so I am using that whenever I have it available.

It’s the same problem in Windows laptops also. I have the same problem after updating.
Current version -