AXURE 9 - cool but... WE NEED MORE!

So…ok Axure 9 is out, is cool, nice re-design, and nice new features like the sketch import…(not always working on my side but fine)


  1. Why the fill color of a panel state is still only IMAGE of FLAT color? Why not gradients?
  2. We need more ANIMATIONS…also with the possibility to create customized one
  3. We need more customizations for standard components like input fields, dropdowns etc…lots of these components are like that since the beginning… :frowning: (this is frustrating)

What do you think???

Hi there, thanks for trying RP 9! There should be ways to address some of the items you mentioned:

  1. This is a technical limitation for panel states currently. However, you can create the same effect by putting a shape widget in the back of the other widgets in the panel state and adding a gradient there.

  2. Form field widgets like the ones you named are now much more styleable as of RP 9 beta. Are there specific style attributes you’re looking for that don’t exist in 9?

For one, it’s still quite difficult to create a set of components and widgets since interaction styles aren’t part of the Applied Styles.

I would love to have a set of components at my organization, so we could simply drag and drop items and have them ready to use.

However - confusingly, the interaction styles can be copied and pasted but they cannot be saved into a style.

You guys are really playing fast and loose with the nomenclature around what is a style and what is an interaction. When I Copy and “Paste Style”, both the style and “Interaction Style” is pasted, but the interactions are not! It’s super unintuitive.

What I would love:

  • Interaction styles can be saved as a style and therefore into a widget library
  • The right click menu should include: Paste Special > Paste Interactions & Paste Style
  • Call out the “Interaction Styles” as something more intuitive to avoid confusion with actual interactions - “Selector/Selection Styles” is a little web-dev focused, but least it’s “technically correct” with respect to the intended copy past behaviour.

As to additional styling, it would be great if I could make components like the dropdown select look a bit more like the widget we’ve designed. Adding a “image” parameter for the button for checkboxes, radios and dropdowns would go a long way towards allowing us to replicate our style guide.

What Axure produces:

What we’re aiming for


Yes, good remark! I agree with you!

Exactly what I was talking about, but not only…If for example, I use a field as “file”, so that I can simulate the upload of a file, basically I cannot customise anything…I mean the button is the default one, I cannot even center the button in the field, or change font of the button…

Thanks for the additional input on this. Interaction styles are actually renamed to style effects in RP 9, but we’re open to reconsidering for a more accurate name. You’re right that we’re letting the browser determine the “opener” indicator on droplists, and I can see how it would be nice to be able to customize with an image there. Right now, we recommend constructing a custom droplist out of multiple widgets when additional complexity is needed (as was more often needed with RP 8) but we’d like to get the use cases where that’s needed as limited as possible.

For creating a pre-built set of components for your organization @cheics, the best way to go is via creating a widget library. Both styles and style effects can be included in the widgets in the library. Style effects can also use pre-designated styles. I understand your desire to include all the style effects as part of a single style; we’ve had this request before and I definitely understand where it’s coming from.