Axure 9 EOL? Keeps crashing :(


I’m on the last version of Axure 9 on an up-to-date Ventura Mac, and it’s starting to constantly crash.

Until now I’ve been happy to truck along on 9, doing my thing, but this is not workable anymore. Is Axure 9 officially EOL now and do I have to bite the bullet? Or are there still updates forthcoming to keep everything running? Also with an eye on the next Mac release - will that work at all?


That’s quite strange. It’s working fine on our systems. Did you try to quit the app and open once again?


Well it keeps doing that itself :wink: . I do see I’m on a somewhat newer version of Ventura (13.5.1), and I also upgraded recently to the beta Axure - (that didn’t make a difference).

Maybe I’ll just do a good old fashioned complete restart later on. Meanwhile I’m pressing command-s constantly like it’s 1999 again.


I recommend sending an email directly to, include as much of your system information as you can, any changes you’ve made since Axure did not crash, …and the same questions you pose above about EOL, etc. I’ve found they are very responsive and have been able to address these kinds of issues pretty quickly.