Axure 9 web app design tutorial?

I have been asked to start using Axure for project design. I must say I feel overwhelmed! I used products like Figma and others that are so much simpler, but from what I am reading Axure is probably the best tool that exists since it has such better prototype feedback options and reduces duplication work that you would normally have in less advanced software. We’ll see!

But my question is- are there any good tutorials for designing and testing web app designs? I need to design a fairly dynamic web app that has a lot of traditional web site functionality but includes some new ideas and user interface elements. I’d like to kinda start off with just a basic web app design course that shows how to get around in Axure.

Can anyone point me to such a tutorial that’s up to date and won’t give me outdated technique for Axure?

Maybe I found something here. This guy makes what appears to be a nice series of small tutorials using Axure by “vaexperience” (I think he is this person on forum: @vaexperience):

Axure RP Prototyping: Noob to Master

110 videos273,788 views - Last updated on Jan 31, 2021