Axure 9 with problems on MacOS Big Sur (11.0 - Beta 6)


Fantastic! Thanks for the update @Julie_Axure!


I’ve just updated my mac to the public release (not Beta) of MacOS Big Sur (11.0.1) and am experiencing the disappearing content when scrolling problem described by @alinbuda.

I’m running axure
The current latest available version I believe - I’ve done as per the instruction from @Julie_Axure / Axure QA (inc beta chan builds check) . I can’t figure out how to roll back to the reported fix version. (and has the latest version in that case, regressed this feature?)

In summary - Is there a fix for this? Axure is unusable in its current state - I’d flag this as a critical issue. Please help!

Updated : It’s not impacting all pages, just some - I’ve got a page which is quite heavy - with a lot of reference screenshots. enclosed for reference. This page, when I scoll in axure has the problem.bigsur-bug.rp (2.9 MB)


I update Big Sur(not Beta) yesterday. But the problem still remains. (Axure
Please fix this!


This happens only w/ External Monitor.


I tried beta7, the problem still happens


Axure on Big Sur’s final release 11.0.1 (20B29) is unworkable on an external monitor. Page content disappears after every scroll/move. Please fix this bug with high priority.


Hi all,

We’ve released another update to our beta channel that should hopefully address the issue with disappearing content on some Big Sur machines when using RP on an external monitor.

You can get this build (Build 3723) at Axure | Release Candidate or via Help > Check for Updates (with “Include beta channel builds” selected) in RP. Please let us know if you continue to run into any issues on Big Sur after this update!