Axure Cloud inspect mode for Sketch files select issue

Hi, I’m uploading Sketch artboards into Axure Cloud where some elements on the page can be selected and inspected and some can’t. Is there any reason why this should be so? Can elements that are master symbols be inspected? Can’t seem to find any information or commentary on this issue.

Hi @966cmy

Would you mind sharing more details about what elements you’re unable to inspect after uploading to Axure Cloud? If possible, you can upload your Sketch file here or send an email over to our team at and we can investigate further.

One thing to note is that if you’ve selected elements in Sketch and choose to “Make Exportable”, those elements will have downloadable image assets available via Inspect once exported to Axure Cloud.

If the elements are not made exportable from Sketch, those elements can still be inspected in Axure Cloud (in terms of their Size / Position / Typography / Colors/ etc., but those elements will not have downloadable image assets available.

I hope this helps!


Hi Frankie
Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to attach a Sketch file but it says Sketch files are forbidden for upload. I’ll send it to the support email address.
Many thanks

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