Axure & dev hand-over

Just wanted a quick answer to UI Designs from Prototype in Axure to Devs.

In Sketch you will have ways to gather style sheets, colours in a document and even get code for Devs (in Zeplin).

So what is there available to help Devs/UI in this process - any video links and advice would be welcome for best Practice for me…thanks in Advance: Daryl

I haven’t found anything useful… but honestly, I wouldn’t trust Axure’s generated code, nor would I trust dev to look it over and clean it up. Its a mess.

You may find this useful:

The inspector in dev tools can also be helpful. I agree with @jlhelmers that the generated html in axure tends to be pretty messy.

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Hey. I just bumped into the new Axshare inspect feature, which looks suspiciously similar to Zeplin. Did you looked at it?

Can you please share the link? Is it different from AxShare Interactive Redline Plugin?

It’s not a plugin. It’s a new built in feature. I can’t share a link, since it’s my company AXshare. I am using the Axure 9 beta. I don’t know if the new Axshare L&F relevant only for Axure 9.
Anyhow Axure team mailed me back regards this feature, and I guess that soon enough it will be published.

Hi! As Greenozaur mentioned, the Inspect feature is a new feature in the new Axure Cloud, and is accessible in prototypes that were published from Axure RP 9. To use it, open in your browser, navigate to your Axure RP 9 prototype, and hover over the page tile in the “Overview” tab; this should present the option to either “Preview” or “Inspect”. Clicking “Inspect” will take you to a view where you can click and hover elements to see useful information about dimensions, positions, etc…

Hopefully that helps, and feel free to send any feedback over to!