Axure Latest version has BROKEN Adaptive view RP

Hi …

ADDED (I think it is part of this Mobile prototype not working on iOS )

I have an iPhone8 Adaptive view … it has broken when I Published with the latest version of Axure … the Dynamic Panels that are set to be fixed at the Top central move to the right off centre and only the first page will display. No longer scrolls up/

It was working until I updated Axure from to

My clients demos no longer work … so for me it is URGENT.

If you view this on a desktop browser it looks correct.
If you view it on Chrome or Safari on iPhone8

  • The top bar is not central … in fact it is so far to the right you can’t see it.
  • The screen wont scroll up.

Tried on 2 iPhones … it failed

Tried on an Android … it worked …


Thanks for the report! We’ve been investigating this one on our end and it looks like there were issues with mobile prototypes that were set to 100% scale. We’ve released a new build of Axure RP 9 (3647) that should fix this issue; if you haven’t updated already, please give that a try and let us know whether you still see issues. Thank you!

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