Mobile prototype not working on iOS

When I preview a mobile prototype on a MacBook, it works perfectly. But when I publish it to Axure Share and I open it using the Axure Share app on an iPhone, I can’t even scroll through the page.

Any tips? Thank you.

I’ve encountered the same issue. I sent an email to Axure support.

Hi all!

I wanted to let you know that there is a bug report that our respective teams have on file regarding this issue, where prototypes that are set to scale to “Original size (100%)” are unable to scroll.

While this issue is currently under investigation, one workaround is to change the prototype scaling from “Original size (100%)” to “Scale to fit width”. You can change this scale setting by triple-tapping on the project within the Axure Share app or your web browser, then selecting the “Scale to fit width” option found in the “Scale” section of the Project Options dialog. You can then close the dialog, and your prototype should be scrollable on your mobile device.

I hope this helps!

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