Axure preview showing incorrectly

Hi guys

I’m just doing my first prototype in Axure and having a problem with the preview, wondered if anyone can help.

1 - The problem is that what I have in Axure is not showing the same in the preview. So in the program, text fits fine on one line. However when I go to preview it’s wrapping for some reason to the next line/ overlapping other features.

Any help or ideas would be massively appreciated

The problem is that every browser renders fonts just a little differently, with small differences in character width, spacing, and line wrapping. The RP9 editor renders fonts differently than most browsers… So, the longer your text string, the more these differences are evident, especially at newline breaks. This issue varies with each proportional font–some better, some worse. It shouldn’t be an issue with a fixed-width font, but most people don’t like reading those fonts.

This recent thread might give you some workarounds: