Axure Pro or Axure Team

Hi, just wondering for someone who works by themselves with Axure, is there any reason or benefit in purchasing the Team edition?

I might be wrong whether this is exclusive to the team edition, but with the team edition, you have access to the checkin and checkout feature which becomes a kind of version control. That’s more or less what I am currently using the team edition for. As it happens, I’m a UX team of one right now, and using the team edition to do just that. When I check in pages, I make some notes about what I have changed. This way I could potentially go back to an earlier version if I need to ‘revert’ something. I occasionally share my checkin notes with the developers, so they know that the prototype they’re looking at on AxShare has changed (and how) from when I first showed it to them.

So I guess I could clarify my situation: I’m the only person in my group who actively uses Axure, but I do share the created prototype with a BA, product owner and developers (in addition to users/stakeholders). Since I’m actively updating the prototype while the developers chase along behind me building the real-thing-that-will-one-day-go-to-production, the possibility of reverting feels like a small insurance policy.

Does that help? Let me know if you want to discuss further.


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Hi Jacque,

That’s really helpful information. Thanks.

So when the BA, product owner, and developer view the prototype, I’m assuming that none of them require to have Axure. Is that correct?

Also, I have Axure 8 Team. Can you give me instructions on how to check-in and checkout features? I will then give it a go as versioning wood be great.

Hi! If you publish the prototype and share the link to the published project with your BA, product owner, and developer, then all they need to view it is a browser and an internet connection; they don’t need Axure RP itself or licenses, which are only required if they plan on editing and creating projects themselves.

Regarding how to check in and check out pages in team projects, the guide below should help:

Thanks for your reply. It is very helpful.

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