Axure RP 10? Let's talk about it

Hi there.

It looks like there is no discussion on the forum about the direction of future Axure development. So, let’s discuss it!

To my mind, I would love to see:

  • Realtime joint editing of a single page (similar to Figma)
  • Better feedback support (similar to Invision)
  • CSS export (similar to Zeplin)

I think these 3 steps can increase the market share of Axure.

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I’d love to see

  • better support for responsive design, in the direction of Figma’s auto layout and constraints
  • Keyboard shortcuts for changing the size of widgets, following the conventions of Sketch and Figma.

I have workarounds for pretty much everything at this point, but if I could have ONE thing, it would be the ability to have shapes and DPs dynamically resize themselves to the height or width of the text they contain. This would clear up a good 40-50% of the headaches I have.

If I could have a second thing, it would be the ability to explicitly set all the mobile / device stuff we used to be able to set in previous versions of Axure. Back in those days, you could effectively build an actual responsive-ish webpage with no dependencies on the prototype player. Linking directly to HTML files is super useful in a lot of cases.

A way to apply custom CSS that isn’t the “open link” javascript hack would be grand.

Auto layouts and constraints a la Figma would be a neat thing, too.

And we’re getting so close with cloud inspect, but there are still a lot of bugs. Positioning of stuff is often off, it’s hard to inspect things that happen on mouseover, lots of things show up as images rather than CSS attributes. We still don’t have an easy way to embed fonts, and inspect sometimes says weird things when we do embed using the base64 font-face method.

Edit: Inspect should also include animation specs. Alternatively, give us back the console on published prototypes. Or, why not both?


Better code generation

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Better Feedback support should be there