Axure RP9 States Dont Update

Created states in a dynamic panel. Created more states. The original states show, the additional states don’t. Thoughts?

Can you be more specific about how you’ve set things up and what isn’t working the way you expect it to? Do you mean in the prototype or in the editor? What actions do you have? What exactly do you mean by they don’t show? By default only the first state of a dynamic panel shows unless you use a Set Panel State action to change it to a different state.

Thanks for the response! I was referring to the editor and I think I found the workaround. The issue seems to be when adding a new interaction, if the list is very long and requires scrolling, the last item does not always show; however if I type the name in the search, the list is narrowed, there’s no scrolling, it shows in the list.
Thank you again!