Backwards compatability

Are there any plans for backwards compatibility between RP9 and RP8? I work for a highly regulated industry that does not allow cloud access so it would be ideal to work in RP9 then export to RP8 so we can utilize our current environment

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Were you able to hear anything back on this question? We’re working through the same issues.

Hi! Axure RP versions aren’t backwards compatible so unfortunately there isn’t a way to save an RP 9 file as an RP 8 file. To confirm, are you looking for this conversion to version 8 for the purpose of using SVN team projects instead of putting team projects on the cloud? If the need is due to needing team project access but not being permitted to use the public cloud for hosting, then we would advise looking into Axure Cloud for Business, which has an on-premises version of Axure Cloud available that you could install on your own servers behind your firewall so that you have access to Axure Cloud’s functionality (including team project hosting) without hosting any data externally. If you’re interested you can read more below, and use either the contact form linked from that page or send an email to directly to discuss. Thank you!

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