Bad Quality of Image Export

I see people have asked about this back in 2015, but I don’t see a solution on the forum.
When I export a design to image, the quality is poor. Text and rounded corners are very blurry. The images look crummy and poorly convey my designs.
I’ve tried changing project resolution to 300dpi. I’ve tried exporting to png, jpg, and gif. Every export looks the same - bad. What’s up with that? Thanks!

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My solution has been screenshots of the HTML. You can automate things with apps like SnagIt. :rolling_eyes:

I just learned about another method described in this thread. Looks promising!

Exporting Axure projects in Vector format

Thanks - yeah, I’ve been doing the screenshot in SnagIt thing. BUT… for prototype previews that scroll, the snagit scrolling capture doesn’t work. Snagit scrolling captures only work for published Axure prototypes. So if I take a screenshot and then notice one tiny thing I want to change, I have to re-publish the prototype and wait for it to generate.

Hey Axure - this is SUPER FRUSTRATING and I’m now looking into your competitors for a better product. I am honestly surprised there isn’t more outrage about this on the forum.

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I’m surprised too @DaBA.
I’ve worked with Adobe XD before and am used to crisp exports. This is a real frustration, you put so much work in and then your exports just look really blurry and unprofessional.

Seriously, this bug has been around for more than 5 years now.
I am joining DaBA in looking into alternatives, this is just too much.

I’m sure I’m not the only one knowing this alternative, but just to share here for more visibility

I never use the export function in Axure, simply because I’m more comfortable using this alternative way.

  1. Go to your Axure workspace page
  2. CTRL + A / CMD + A to select all widgets
  3. Find any 3rd party tool, such as PowerPoint, Slack, etc., and CTRL + V / CMD + V to paste
  4. Your OS will convert all the widgets from the clipboard to an image with a pretty nice resolution
  5. Save the image to your folder
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