Break away repeater content



I have made a number of repeaters and realised the limitations of them and really wish I could expand the repeater or break away the content to real elements. Right-click and say “break away content from repeater” and it creates the elements as they were in the repeater so I can edit them individually.


You can use the Outline view to group, select and drag the widgets within a repeater row out of the repeater. They are just containers. Note that any logic used to set the values on widgets won’t come with it though, as this is specific to the repeater.


Thanks Dave for the reply. This is not really what I mean. I have a number of repeaters with lists of about 25-50 items populated from a dataset. I now want to not have that list in a repeater anymore. Its just becoming a little too fiddly working within the repeater so I want them as actual elements that I can interact with individually.

I realise that this is probably not possible I just wish that I did not have to redraw all the lists from scratch.


Ah, right I see - yes, there’s no way to do that currently. It’s a good idea for a feature though, I’d send an email to and make the suggestion.

For what it’s worth, repeaters are fiddly and hard to get your head around when you first start working with them, but they are incredibly powerful as you learn more techniques. This article is a really good introduction to them. Also searching this forum for ‘move by 0,0’ and ‘repeater listener’ will show you two very useful methods for getting around the limitations of repeaters for things like looking up data or handling multiple possible states for repeater rows.


Thanks Dave, I appreciate the feedback. I will have a look at the article and try and learn more, but for my deadline right now, its going to be me recreating the list. :neutral_face:


What I can’t seem to do in Axure rp 10 is what I could do in earlier versions is to click into elements of a repeater and edit them individually. so treating them as individual elements even while they are still part of the repeater.

I don’t see the way to do this with non-text content - in axure 10 - is there way to do this - even if you can’t break it out - I can edit individual text content through the .csv file - which is a bit clunky sometimes - but for non-text content - ie - icons, images, etc - is there a way to do this?


You can edit individual images, shape widgets etc - double click the row until you see the base ‘empty row’ state, which will have all of your widgets, including text and images.

However, you can’t have different things in each row without using dynamic panels. For example, if you wanted a table to have a range of different icons in a column, you’d need a dynamic panel which included all of those different icons. You can then use ‘move by 0,0’ logic to nudge that dynamic panel when the row loads, evaluate a condition and set the panel to the right icon. There’s no way in a repeater to directly set different items in each row in a repeater - they all start from the same base state.