Break in Variable

I am trying to set some text through a function and I can’t figure out how to set the text in two rows below each other.

How can I format this in the Variable editor?

@DomWaits It’s exactly like what you’ve posted here, if it doesn’t work, you may need to check if there’s any other limitations in your project

Sorry, I don’t understand. Maybe I wrote it too completcated: I need to have a text from two variables to appear in rows below.

On Click set TextField to

W1 = text1
W2 = text 2

Line breaks in the variable editor should be respected in the place you’re setting the text.

If they’re being displayed in a single row, you may need to use ‘Set Rich Text’ rather than set text, or the widget you are attempting to set the text on may have a restricted height that is not displaying the text.

Other forum users will need a bit more detail - where are you setting this text? Is it to a regular widget? Or are you setting it within a Repeater row? Repeaters do not accept rich text inputs that I’m aware of. If you post your RP file, other users may be able to help you further.

Thanks a lot for this! It worked the way I intended it when I realized that the heading I wanted to put it in did not have any linebreaks by default. I need to provide them before being able to write into them.