[Bug] Axure 9 within Windows 10 with 125% DPI scaling


Ever since I got my new Windows computer with a screen that uses 125% DPI scaling, Axure isn’t usable when using it in a maximzed/fullscreen view. This makes it difficult to drag the window from the top to make it smaller again. In the attached photo you can clearly see a blue border around the window, that is my desktop wallpaper.
I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I’m curious if other people also have this problem with Axure 9.

Hi! To confirm the issue, where are you running into issues with Axure RP when in full screen on your Windows machine? Are widgets failing to drag on the canvas, or is the app frozen? In a quick test on my end everything seems alright, but if you can clarify where you’re running into issues we can investigate further and see if there’s a bug that’s not yet filed on our end!

I don’t have Axure on my home computer but I have the same issue with other software. I think it might be a Windows 10 thing.

That’s helpful to know nkrisc! Re: the issue happening with RP, we were able to do more testing on our end and reproduced it; it seems to happen when RP 9’s window is maximized and the resolution is set to a 16:9 (or close to it) ratio, at least as far as we’ve seen so far. We have a bug filed with QA on this now for further investigation. :slight_smile:

The issue is always there, no matter what I do besides changing the aspect ratio in my screen resolution. It occurs on start already. It’s also really annoying when switching to other applications by dragging the window down, because it’ll just focus on the application behind it. Everything within Axure itself, seems to work correctly. Hope this adds something for the QA department ^^

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