Bug: Changing dynamic panel states now causing page focus to jump to top

This just started happening today, and is affecting existing and new RP9 prototypes. To recreate the issue:

  • Create a dynamic panel taller than the view area, shrink the height to something that fits on the screen, and allow for vertical scrolling.
  • In this dynamic panel, toward the bottom, create a dynamic panel with at least two states.
  • In the main dynamic panel, add a button toward the bottom, and add the interactions to have in change the embedded dynamic panel state.
  • When viewing the prototype, see that when you click the button to change the embedded dynamic panel state, the main dynamic panel will reset to show the top of that panel.

Example prototype (Axure 9 with issue): https://nets8t.axshare.com (use checkbox in tile 4 to see issue)

Axure 9 example file attached

Bug demonstration.rp (77.8 KB)

Here’s the same prototype, created in Axure 8. It works as expected, not showing the same issue as in the Axure 9 prototype.

Example prototype (Axure 8, no issue): https://u94bta.axshare.com (use checkbox in tile 4 to see issue)

Bug demonstration (Axure 8).rp (80.4 KB)


In Axure 8 when this would happen, it usually had to do with using groups, but i removed all groups from your file and it still happened.

For the time being, here’s a workaround to this bug. On click, move an widget (call it “scrollToMe”) to the dynamic panel’s current scrollY position, and after changing the dynamic panel state, scroll the window to scrollToMe.

I put this workaround in your file. The scrollToMe widget is red so you can see it, but you can change its opacity to 0.

Bug demonstration.rp (78.9 KB)

Thanks, @josephxbrick. Is this bug something that will be fixed in an upcoming release?

Hi! I have no idea. I hope they fix it, but I’ve seen the same thing happen in Axure 8 under certain conditions.

I’m having this same issue - I hope they fix it soon, it’s really causing issues with my mockups!

Same here. It has made portions of my more complicated prototypes unusable. I’ve been an advocate for Axure at my company, while other designers have moved to Sketch. This type of issue will not help my argument!

Ditto. All of my mockups require dynamic panels within dynamic panels. I will not be able to continue using this tool if it isn’t fixed soon. It doesn’t show well to execs when my design is jumping all over the place…

Hi guys! Thanks for the report and to @mds1234 for putting together those sample files. I’ve gone ahead and filed this on our end for further investigation so that we can look into a fix. We’ll post here if there are updates, but otherwise please feel free to keep an eye on the 9 beta release updates notes for information on what bug fixes have been released. Thanks!