Bug: CheckBox doesn't work if you apply a "focused" style


In RP9 applying a “focused” style to the CheckBox stops it from working.

(easy to reproduce - seems to always happen, irrespective of whether the style is just a change in border thickness or fill color or whatever).

The checkbox doesn’t stay ticked - try toggling it on/off to observe the problem.

(Windows 10)


I replicated this bug on my system, Axure RP9 on Win10. So, I’d recommend submitting this bug to support@axure.com .

However, in my case a checkbox with a focused style does actually work–but not correctly. When the checkbox is selected (checked on) it does not appear checked until it loses focus, but when unselected (checked off) the change is shown (checkmark disappears) immediately as it should. It turns out the checkbox selection state immediately changes when clicked, so the bug is that when only a focused style is set, the checkmark of a selected checkbox is not shown until that widget loses focus.

I discovered two solutions for this. Either seems to be an easy workaround for now:

  1. Assign a selected style as well as a focused style (the selected style can even match the default style.)
  2. Add a “Set Focus” action to the Selected event to change the focus to another widget.

All this is demonstrated in this demo file.
checkbox focus bug.rp (61.4 KB)