[Bug]Connector Automatic Reflow

We create a lot of complicated flow charts using Axure. There are a lot of annoyances related to the way that connectors reflow when elements are moved and/or copied. This image shows a sample flow where we’ve manually arranged the connectors

If the whole diagram is selected and then copied to a new location using Ctrl+Drag, the connectors get reflowed and need to be manually arranged again. My expectation here would be that copying a selection would maintain the connector routing.

Additionally, depending on how boxes are moved, the automatic reflow runs and creates less than ideal line routing. In the following image I moved the red box slightly down and to the left. Again, my expectation here is that the automatic routing should route around objects rather than through them. I would also expect that it would use my existing lines as hints as to my intentions.

Obviously I would prefer to see better automatic routing, but I would also be happy to see an option (global? per page? per element?) that would disable the auto routing of lines when I want it off. Additionally toggling that option would not perform an auto reflow.

Hi @dscheck,

it appears that there is a bug that causes the connector lines that are on the same side to be moved whenever you copy your schemes by pressing the Ctrl key and dragging them. However, as a workaround, if you use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts for copying a flow, the connector lines should stay in place. I hope this helps! I’ve passed this bug on to our engineering team for further analysis.

Additionally, I’ve gone ahead and submitted several feature requests on your behalf. Our product team will further review the feature requests to determine whether they may be implemented in future releases. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!