[Bug] Custom multi-select counter showing incorrect count in RP9.0

Custom Multi-select Dropdown.rp (60.5 KB)

Custom multi-select counter showing incorrect count in RP9.0. PFA. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


What you’ve found is a serious bug. Selecting/unselecting a checkbox via the Select command causes checkbox to receive any selection event twice, whereas clicking the checkbox itself properly sends the event just once.



Hi guys! I took a look at the file and as josephxbrick pointed out this looks like a bug; the miscount is coming from the OnSelectedChange event being triggered twice when you toggle the “Select All” checkbox. I’ve gone ahead and filed this bug on our end for further investigation and fixing. In the meantime, as a workaround you can have the “Select All” checkbox apply a “Set Variable” action that sets your “counter” variable to a hard-coded value (“3” or “0”) so that it displays the correct number of selected checkboxes.

Hopefully that helps!

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Thanks josephxbrick for your review and finding. I had no idea this could be a bug.

Thanks Alyssa for the workaround. I will go ahead with this solution for now.

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