BUG: Images removed from Repeater when put inside a Dynamic Panel




I have a Repeater with two columns of image data, 100 rows in the Repeater.

When I put the Repeater inside a Dynamic Panel the image columns are removed entirely from the Repeater.

Very annoying and problematic!


Hello @wsnowsf,

Thank you for writing in to the Axure Forums!

From my testing, I have not been able to reproduce this issue in Axure RP There may be more steps required to reproduce this issue, or something specific to your project may be occurring.

Could you please write into support@axure.com and attach a copy of the RP project where this issue is occurring? If you could include any steps required to reproduce the issue along with a reference to this Forum Post, that would greatly assist us in troubleshooting this issue as quickly as possible.

Thank you!


Thanks, will do. Some methods work, but others don’t, will send the email :slight_smile: