[Bug] Iphones not Re-rendering screen after keyboard disappears

I am prototyping a mobile app where user text input is a key feature. I have published the prototype on Axure share and shared the link with a few people to test out. Everything is working smoothly on Android devices but IPhones are not re-rendering the screen once the software keyboard is contracted. As a result the app is half rendered with a blank rectangle where the keyboard used to be. Please see the picture attached. How can I make safari re-render the screen once the keyboard is gone?

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Hi! Hmm, I’ve been able to reproduce a similar issue on iOS but the issue was a bit different and specific to the Axure Cloud mobile app; in that issue, if you focus a text field to bring up the keyboard and then close the keyboard, the page gets pushed up to accommodate the keyboard but doesn’t come back down. In that case, double-tapping the screen or scrolling the page slightly reset its appearance and position. Do those workarounds not work for you, and if not, can you confirm whether you have any additional steps or interactions firing between the time you focus a text field and close the keyboard?

I have the same problem. The prototype isn’t rendered behind the keyboard on an iPhone. Also, the keyboard isn’t closed when I click the button and navigate to another page. It worked in Axure 8 but not 9.

Thanks for the reports! I wanted to follow up with you to let you know that this is filed on our end for further investigation into why the keyboard’s appearance on iOS causes the page content to get misplaced. Please keep an eye on the release history page and the beta channel release page for updates. Thank you!