[BUG] Unable to save, send, or check in team project after using a VPN connection

Morning everyone,

I’ve encountered a bug in Axure 9 with team files that prevents me from saving. This seems to happen after establishing a VPN connection that I frequently use for work, and then disconnecting that VPN connection. The result is that I’m completely unable to save, send, or check in any pages with my team project file. I get the standard Axure error screen asking me to send a bug report. Obviously this is frustrating because I frequently lose work because of this.

Anyone else experience this? Axure do you have any bug reports on this?

Repro Steps;
1.) Create a team File.
2.) Create several new pages and then check them out.
3.) Establish a VPN connection.
4.) Disconnect that VPN connection.
5.) Attempt to Save your page that you have checked out.


@jwingard, First of all, you’ll want to report this as a bug directly to support@axure.com via email. Attach a project file if you can.

I’m currently testing RP9 with new “Cloud for Business On-Premises” server software, and will need support for VPN connections. I have not noticed this exactly (yet) but saw something similar with our own on-site servers using SVN (Axure’s old method of handling Team Projects.) Let’s see if this is what you are experiencing… Basically, Axure (or SVN? or our company IT? or VPN software?) treated the same user/email/account as two different users when the same user/email/computer/Axure app was connected via VPN or not. So, let’s say a designer, John, is in the office and opens Axure on his laptop, signs in as john.doe@acme.com, opens a Team Project file, checks out pages, leaves them checked out, then goes home–taking his laptop. That night at home, he connects via VPN, opens his Axure file and sees those same pages as checked out to john.doe@acme.com. However, he is unable to edit or check them in. He returns to the office, connects that same laptop, opens Axure, and is now able to edit and check in those pages.

When I worked with Axure support on this (years ago) the workarounds were: (1) Try not to leave pages checked out when moving locations (thus requiring VPN change), and (2) if needed, “steal the checkout” and ignore the “unsafe” warnings. Neither of these went over well with our author-users, but they did work. So, while it seems stupid, you may have to check out a page that is already checked out–to yourself–then choose the option to “steal the checkout”–then edit and/or check the page in. When the page is shown as checked out to yourself you shouldn’t lose any edits, because that version of the page lives in your “local copy” (on your machine) until you check it in–and there’s no chance anyone else is editing it because it is checked out–to you. The bad news is this takes time, the somewhat good news is you can steal checkouts for multiple pages at once.

Some questions I have about your details…

  1. Create a team File.
    Where is your Team Project hosted? Axure Cloud or your own server?
  2. Create several new pages and then check them out.
  3. Establish a VPN connection.
    Is the Team Project still open and/or opened after VPN connected?
    Can pages be edited when VPN connected?
    What happens if you check out a different page (only on VPN) and then check it in?
    What happens if you check out a different page now (on VPN), leave it checked out, then try to edit it after VPN disconnected? Same error?
    What happens if Axure is closed before VPN connection, and opened only after VPN is later disconnected?
  4. Disconnect that VPN connection. OK…
  5. Attempt to Save your page that you have checked out.
    Save the project file, or Check In the page?
    What happens when trying to edit the page? Immediate crash/bug error dialog?
    What happens if you try to steal the checkout for this page?
    What happens if you try to check out a page which you have not previously checked out? Crash? In other words, does this error only happen when you touch a checked-out page after establishing a VPN connection?