BUG: widget push/pull no longer works after resizing dynamic panel in canvas

The widget push/pull functionality no longer works after you resize a dynamic panel on the canvas (any size) in RP 10.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create dynamic panel with placeholder square and a button

  • Give it two states, with one with more height than the other

  • Add click interaction to button -> Switch panel + activate ‘push/pull down’ functionality

  • Copy interaction for other button

  • Place widget below dynamic panel and preview in browser
    (will work at this point)

  • Go back to axure RP 10 and resize boundary box of dynamic panel (even bypush-pull-fail.rp (53.9 KB)
    a single pixel)

  • Preview in browser
    Push/pull will no longer work.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

For anyone who might stumble on this problem in the future, verify whether your dynamic panel has the “Fit to Content” checkbox (in the Style panel) selected. I believe this will fix the problem reported; it allows different states of the panel to have different sizes.