Bug with repeaters and fit-to-text

i wanted to create a tab control using repeaters.
each tab has a different name, some short names, others long.
the tabs width is set to fit-to-text.

this look great in the app - each tab has a different width,
but when you preview the result, the borders and fills seem to be using the same size as the original rectangle

see mockup - note the difference between app and preview
repeater bug.rp (73.2 KB)

Unfortunately, it’s not a bug, it has to do with how Axure generates the HTML. The shape/style of a widget is on a completely different element in the DOM from the text inside it.

There’s no out-of-the-box way to change the width/height of a widget inside a repeater. There is a more complex way to do it by injecting javascript into the prototype. I uploaded an example of how to do it in a different post: Moving widget to the right of another widget

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