Build 3626 - Mac Dark Mode


Was totally floored when fired up Build 3626 to find not only a dark mode, but a well executed dark mode.

I and many others expressed concerns in the forum about the overly bright and sparse feel of the all white UI particularly when using with white background wireframes - it really took a toll on readability and overall was a fatiguing workspace for at least myself and some others.

But this dark mode is a total game changer, I’d go so far as to say it significantly improved the app’s usability, pleasure of use and focus on the wireframe. What an absolute relief!

Anyone else digging it like I am?

Regardless of whether it was a result of listening to our feedback, or that it was already on the roadmap, or both - well done Axure, you guys are champs… and thank you!


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I like it, though I liked the previous bright mode, mainly for readability.
I would happy to control the label color here, since I am not sure it’s contrast is good enough.
Also @Jane_Axure - I think there is a bug in the dark version (MacOS Mojave 10.14 ):
When typing in a repeater cell, the default text is black, so you can’t see a thing until you move out the repeater cell:

But the cut & paste to repeater and typing directly issue is fixed, so Yay!



Glad you’re liking it!

We’ll have this fixed in an upcoming build. Apologies for the inconvenience.


I like the dark mode and it’s a welcomed feature. Though I still think there’s significant readability issues with font size choice and font color choice.

As much as I like it, it’s not game changer for me. There are significant usability issues still with interaction builder and some much needed features are still missing.

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Hey Ben,

Apparently same bug exist also in other editing modes. For example on the ‘edit many’ option in a dropdown list. see below:

Do you wish to post similar issues through here or by mail?

Cheers, Iris

Thanks, Iris. That one will be fixed in an upcoming build, too.

Please report issues in whatever way is easiest for you. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on this thread, so posting them here is fine. If you’d rather go through email, the support team at will be happy to get bugs filed, too.

Editing DP state names is also unreadable when you select the state.

KavaKiwi, can you tell me which version of MacOS you’re running? Thanks!

The dark text and dark edit text should be fixed in build 3627, available here. We’re still working on getting the highlight color fixed. I’ll update again when that’s in.

I’m running Mojave 10.14.1 and I did install the latest build 3627.

Interesting, that’s not what I was expecting. Are you running MacOS in dark mode? And if you have the time, can you let me know what you have set for “Highlight color” under System Preferences > General? Thanks again.

Wow… it’s kind of late to be working. Yes I am running in Dark Mode with Blue as the highlight color.

Hah! The baby decided to be awake, so I might as well check the forum, I guess.

Thanks for the info, that’s helpful. I’ll let you know when we have a fix out for this.

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Running the new release too. Having the same issue when selected:

And there are additional issues in readability.
Look below: you hardly notice the Fx (function) button in the value field. Running MAC OS Mojave 10.14…

I am afraid I am going back to the previous mode. :frowning:


Hi Iris,

Thanks for letting me know. Both of these should be fixed in an upcoming build. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. If you do switch back to dark mode at any point, please do let me know if you notice any other problems!

Hi all,

This issue should be fixed in the latest beta update, available here. Let me know if you still see problems.

Yep - it might had been said many time here but thanks a million for the dark mode. Indeed it needs a tweak or two but its gonna be great. I´ve noticed some readability issues mainly within the interactions section which is kinda crowded already but the dark mode makes it almost impossible to navigate through when having dialogue boxes overlayed.

Otherwise great and my eyes are already blessed :wink: