Dark UI is great but

edit… it is similar bug to Build 3626 - Mac Dark Mode
…when defining variables for global project unselected text in field is almost invisible



Hi Uxkarel,

Thanks for catching this. It should be fixed in an upcoming build. I’ll let you know when the build is live.

Let me know if you notice anything else!


This should be fixed in build 3627, which you can download here. Let me know if you notice any other issues.

Hi Ben , thanks for update , global variables re now fine.But even with latest update I can’t see WHERE I am writing expressions in fx editor…like I am missing pointer where is my cursor now. I can guess it but it is not what to expect in these days :slight_smile: any clues so far ?

thanks a lot

Hi uxkarel,

Thanks for the update. There’s a bug with the color of the text entry caret in a few dialogs, which is what you’re seeing. We should have this fixed in an upcoming build. I’ll post here to let you know when it’s available.


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Hi all,

This issue should be fixed in the latest beta update, available here. Let me know if you still see problems.