Can Axure explain the new canvas architecture?

Axure has been lagging in its canvas interface since a few versions now, at least from the version 8. Im not sure why did this happen, but its even more evident in macOS than in Windows. I always guessed this was due to the usage of .NET technologies (the reason for having worst performance in Mac) but also due to non migrating to using the GPU as a main renderer (the main reason for the poor performance) when a lot of design tools have been taking advantage of the GPU (even Adobe did this way long ago, god).

Now im reading in the version 10 announcement, that there’s a “refreshed UI and an upgraded architecture leveraging Microsoft .Net Core” and im wondering if the tech team has finally put their pants on on this subject or if Axure is going to keep getting its performance worst.

UI redesigns are nice guys, but unless this things are fixed the software is not going to improve.