Can Axure Set Cookies?

I’m serving this content when the user hits the prototype for the first time:

So naturally, I’d like to set an actual cookie, not simulate setting one using a global variable, so that when they come back to view it again in a new session the pop-in notice won’t end up being a nag screen.

Is this possible?

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Any reason why you don’t include those settings straight into the url - just add &sc=2 to the url for this to be done automatically ?

I didn’t know that was possible. Can you elaborate? Thank you.

When you make those selections, the parameters in the url change. Just give them the link with the parameters included in it. The selection you showed changes the prototype url by adding &sc=2 to the end of the url.

There is also another method when your project is hosted on Axshare, you can use this site which allows to shorten the long links to host your prototype.

After hosting your prototype on Axhare, all you have to do is launch the link generated by Axshare of your prototype on your browser and after adjusting the scale of your prototype on the screen and closing the Axure bar, you do not have to you just have to copy the link of your prototype which will be generated automatically.

Then you can now use your new link on; This link will keep the same configurations and proportions and also updates your prototype on any computer without seeing the Axure bar at the top.

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