Can i still share my prototype with a free trial?

My free trial of Axure RP 10 is almost ending. I am wondering if i can still finish my prototype and create a share link? Or is that not possible anymore?

Hi @DavidM96,

After your trial period ends (and if you don’t have an active subscription), then unfortunately you won’t be able to work on files in Axure RP 10. Your project files will still be intact on your machine or published on Axure Cloud but you won’t be able to open or make changes to them within the RP 10 application.

However, Axure Cloud is still free to use and you can still publish and share your projects from Axure Cloud. To learn more about these topics feel free to navigate to our reference pages linked below:

Publishing from Axure Cloud

Sharing Axure RP Projects

To help you finish your projects this time, we would be happy to extend your trial of Axure RP. Please let us know the associated email to your Axure account or if you prefer, feel free to write to us at

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