Cannot export project to Axure Share/Cloud

I have been working on a team project for some time, and as of today, I am no longer able to export it to Axshare. All the overview pages, discussions, update history etc are present, but when I try to view the prototype itself, nothing apart from the prototype player appears.

It simply says ‘Untitled document’ at the top, and no pages appear in the sidebar.

I have tried uploading it to a new URL, and saving it as a standard, non-team project and uploading to a new URL. Nothing appears to work. The file is about 32MB in size yet uploads almost instantly, so it seems to be an error in the file.

Please help - I have a deadline today and this is far from ideal!

Hi Paj,

Thanks for posting about this! As a first troubleshooting step, can you please open your team project in Axure RP, navigate to “Publish > Generate HTML Files” from the main menu, select the “Pages” tab, and check that the “Generate All Pages” option is checked? If this option wasn’t checked, please try re-publishing your project to Axure Cloud after checking the option.

If this hasn’t helped, can you please email us at so we can further troubleshoot this issue with you? If you are able to, please include the link to your prototype hosted on Axure Cloud, as well as a copy of the .rpteam file of your team project.

Thank you!

Axure Customer Support

Thanks Ashley. I was able to save a new version of the file, which uploaded correctly and has been working fine since then. I’ll see if I can dig up the previous version and will send it through to you if I have any issues.