Cannot resize the axshare TOC in FireFox

Resizing the TOC area works in Chrome v 71.0.3578.98 and Safari 12.0.3 (13606.…

…but not in FireFox 64.0.2,

I get this error:

Hi plorence!

Hmm, I’m seeing the same behavior on my end as well. This behavior is unexpected, I’ll be filing a bug report with our respective teams in regards to this issue. Additionally, I wanted to let you know that I’ve only been able to reproduce this on a Mac OS. Did you experience this issue while running a Mac OS or a Windows OS?



Same here, on both Firefox, safari or Chrome for that matter… Very annoying for big prototypes with lots of nested pages as we can’t read the entire page’s name in the left-hand side page list menu without resizing

Does not appear to be an issue in Windows when doing local preview.