Change Default browser



Hello all,
I am very new to axure, I am able to change the default path of axure.
Whenever I preview any wireframes the default Mozilla Firefox, my browser is not working or I don’t want to see the preview in Mozilla Firefox.
Is this possible, when I click to the preview it will open in chrome.
Please help me in this!!!

Thanks in Advance

How to make check box working

Click publish menu and select preview option


thanks for your response
Will this remain for all next previews or for the current file only,


Yes the settings should remain the same.


Yes, I have checked it worked


Also can you please let me know how to make checkbox conditional
If i don’t click on checkbox the page will not move to next

It will be great if you help in this too.


You can check if the CheckBox value is true but I am not sure what context you mean though

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