How to make check box working

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Hi Shivam53,

Could you provide information about the issue in a little more detail? If you wanted to trigger an event based on a checkbox selection, you could add an OnSelectionChange event on the checkbox widget to carry out the targeted interaction. Here’s some more info about checkboxes in Axure RP:

Feel free to post your .rp file here, if that makes it easier to explain as well. Thanks!

When I am using checkbox in login page, User have to select T&C(By using checkbox user agrees for T&C).
I want to do when user select the checkbox only then he can move forward and be able to click the login button.
If he did’t select the checkbox, the button will disable or in non working. He cannot click on the button.

Thanks @Jane_Axure for your response.

Hi @Shivam53,
that’s pretty easy:
Select the checkbox → go to the properties panel → set the cases for OnSelect and OnUnselect to enable / disable the the button.

Thanks dan