Change scrollbar handle position


Is it possible to change the location of the scrollbar? I have a dyn panel which is set to horizontal scroll which is fine but I’d like to appear the scrollbar on top rather than at the bottom. Any hints?

Thank you

There’s no way to do it in Axure proper, you’ll have to use JavaScript to inject the CSS.

horz_scrollbar_top.rp (46.5 KB)

Hi, Thank you very much!
I’ll play around a bit. The Idea is to get the scrollbar outside of the table but I can’t invest too much time. Probably checking out on a weekend :slight_smile:
Thank’s again!

I messed around with this some more and there are some complications involved with it and there isn’t really a painless solution to deal with them.

Rotating the dynamic panel also rotates the content inside it so you’ll have to rotate it back in order for the content to not be upside-down.

The rotation also affects the vertical scroll, so scrolling up on the mouse wheel will cause the panel to scroll down and vice versa. You can work around it by nesting scrolling panels but repositioning the widgets inside can get tedious.

You last option is to just make your own scrollbar and cover up the browser scrollbar.

horz_scrollbar_top.rp (169.6 KB)