Change Style on Widget Using Variables (RP 9)

This is a continuation to the following article.
Change Color on Widget Using Variables (RP 9)

I just want to keep this topic alive because I have 10+ items that need to be styled fairly regularly, and sometimes need to be reordered. The manual process I currently do is okay as my styles are saved, but the reordering is a bit of a pain. As I add additional items it becomes a needless task.

If all I needed was to change the background, I can accomplish this with a dynamic panel in the repeater that goes behind the content. However if I wanted to bold text in the foreground, I don’t think this is possible.

Not sure if this functionality exists in RP 9 but I didn’t find anything that would suggest it was possible. Would be nice to see this functionality added at some point if it’s not currently available.

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