Chat / Chatbot samples?


Hi Axure Users.

Can some one share a sample chat / chatbot app that you have created.
I would like to learn Text feild, Text box and variables with Dynamic panels.

To get inspired and to learn a easy and effective way to build chat bot apps with Axure.


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I did this using Axure

The process was simply to process a refund and it uses Dynamic panel


Hi James,

Thanks for your comment, Can you share us the .rp file?
Would be helpful to learn.



Get a Refund.rp (858.0 KB)


If you are interested in chatbot development I suggest you read an interview of chatbot developer I have found


Hello Vikram,

Thank you very much for sharing your work has helped me to implement a chat in my project, but I have a doubt that is driving me crazy, where I change the phrase:

“I’m trapped in my can and I can not Call- please send the police.”

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi! That line of text is coming from the “Send” button’s OnClick condition that fires when the specified variable is not blank and does not contain “police”. You can change the text that gets added by modifying to data that gets added to the repeater in the “Add Rows” action, pictured below:


Thanks very much! done, thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

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