Choose Target Dynamically

I want to be able to choose a target for an interaction dynamically.

I have a repeater with 10 rows and a map with 10 icons, with 1 icon associated with each row of the repeater. The rows of the repeater may move around, so for example if row 1 is associated with icon A but then row one is moved down so it is now row 2 it will still be associated with icon A.

If I select a row of the repeater I want it to show a box around the associated map icon. I can’t figure out how to do this without a ton of if statements.

Any help would be amazing thank yo!

can you attach a sample file? I’m having trouble trying to parse what it is you’re trying to do. a visual would be very helpful, even if it’s not working yet.

Here is a crude example. So here I have my repeater column on the left and my map on the right. If I click row B in the repeater I want it to highlight that row and the B icon on the map.

I have gotten this to work with if statements on the repeater. So on click if text on widget = B show highlight on that row of repeater and on Icon B, if text on widget = C show highlight on that row of repeater and on Icon C, etc. This is really teadious with long lists.

I have a solution, it’s a little bit clunky but it works, maybe not the best interactions (that LabelCache variable might be unnecessary) and you can’t control the y position of the map markers at all but I think that’s a limitation of repeaters (sort of, you can move the y positions but you also have to account for the repeater rows moving down. I tried this first but it broke my brain), but the X position is controllable in the repeater.

linked nav and map markers.rp (51.9 KB)

I think this is what you want.

you can refresh to get a random sort.

Choose Target Dynamically@Jorkin.rp (248.3 KB)