Condition builder please


hello, I’m using rp 9 because of the pc features, I want to do it from the attached link, but I couldn’t find enough training about the condition maker. Where can I find the video or document? please help


Tutorial Document
3.4.Axure Tutorial: Add Interactions to Widget.

6.4 Adding Interactions to Widgets

11. Functions and Variables

11.1 Functions and variables
11.2 Function expressions
11.3 Case: creating navigation and character counting

Full Course
# Axure RP 10 and UX Core Skills Course


Linkteki gibi bir örnek yapmanız mümkün mü?


Following the case in the link above, I don’t see the need to use conditional logic, using dynamic panels for state change and changing text would be fine.


I do not know how to do it. Can you help me


Please see those tutorials about dynamic panels. You need to master the basics.


@ertandeniz, in addition to the third party tutorials above, here is the Axure RP 9 documentation for conditional logic:

There are several Axure tutorials that demonstrate using conditional cases, for example this one: