Converting RP8 team files to RP9 team files and uploading to Axure Cloud

I read here that in order to convert an RP8 team file to a RP 9 team file you first have to export to a standalone (non-team) file. My concern doing this is that after I recreate these into team files all my links in Axure Cloud will be new/different from the RP8 team file. Is this the case? If so, is there a way to change/overwrite the new links in Axure Cloud back to the RP8 version? We have a lot of JIRA tickets that we paste these links into and I really don’t want to have to sift through them replacing every link.

Replying so this doesn’t get closed. This topic concerns me as well and I believe this isn’t possible. We should be capable of maintaining a share link (at least the hostname URL) and overwriting it with the v9 team project. Thanks.

Hi both,

The steps listed in the linked post and your conclusion that the RP 9 team project repository link are different are both correct. To upgrade a team project to version 9, you have to create the team project anew in version 9, which will give you a new version 9 repository; there isn’t a way to have the same RP 9 prototype overwrite or use the existing RP 8 link as the versioning of the repositories is different.

If you need to keep the old URL because it has been widely distributed, then one possibility that should help would be to add a new landing page to the existing RP 8 team project that has an OnPageLoad action that sends the user over to your RP 9 team project; this should ideally allow you to keep the link you’ve already shared while still pointing the user over to the RP 9 team project. This also leaves your RP 8 team project intact on the server in case you need to go back to it and check through the team project history.

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