How to convert Axure 8 lib to 9 on team project


I’ve created a team library with Axure 8 and I want to convert it to Axure 9… How can I do that ?

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Hi @ax-guy,

Here are the steps for upgrading an Existing Team Library in RP 9:

  1. Ask all collaborators to check in their changes to the project, and check in yours as well.
  2. In your local copy of the project in RP 8, go to Team > Get All Changes from Team Directory .
  3. Export the team library to a standalone library file via File > Export Team Project to File .
  4. Open the exported library file in Axure RP 9 and save it.
  5. Go to Team > Create Team Project from Current File and proceed through the dialogs to name your project, pick your workspace, and save your team project file.

Tip: To avoid having to re-invite your collaborators, publish your new team project to the same workspace the old team project is located in.

  1. Ask all collaborators to download new local copies of the team project via Team > Get and Open Team Project in RP 9.

Note: Version history of the Axure RP 8 team library will not be carried over into your newly created Axure RP 9 team library.

I hope that helps!


Great! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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