Copy and Paste with Sketch plugin seems to be broken for me

I’ve been having this issue where I copy my layout from Sketch (using the Axure Sketch plugin) and it pastes everything jumbled and spread out. Even copy pasting a few items from the design will yield the same result. E.g. Copying a row containing a text object, 2 circles, and 2 more text objects - Pasting into Axure drops the text objects all the way over to the left, one on top each other, and the circle objects all the way to the right, in a distance almost twice the width of the design. If I copy an entire layout and paste it, forget it. It’s impossible to work with as everything is as far apart as possible from where its original position with multiple objects jumbled on top of each other. So i’m relegated to pasting one item at a time if I want to use the plugin which makes the plugin useless for copying entire layouts. It used to work fine so this is really bizarre.

Exporting as SVG then converting to shapes works fine but I really got used to the efficiency of using the plugin. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi! To confirm, are you using the latest build of Axure RP 9, the latest Sketch version, and have the plugin fully updated? If so then we’d be interested in taking a look at a copy of your Sketch file to take a closer look at what specifically about it seems to make content paste at incorrect locations when brought into the Axure RP environment; feel free to email that file to if you’d like to keep it confidential. If you’re also able to let us know how you’re selecting the content to be copied (e.g. [Cmd]+[A], drag to select, clicking the artboard name) and whether both copy options in the plugins menu yield the same results that would help!

I have the same problem with up-to-date versions of Sketch, Axure & Plugin.
The error message is:

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

I located the element that causes the plugin to crash in the sketch file– find it attached (rename .txt to .sketch).

And neither version of coping works.
Any suggestions?

breaks the plugin.txt (18.9 KB)

@Alyssa_Axure Hi? Any feedback on this?

Hi Lennart!

I just tested out working with your sketch file, and I was able to see an error in Axure RP 9 when pasting the artboard/selection into Axure RP after copying with the Axure plugin for Sketch.

After taking a closer look at the assets involved, it looks like the “Fill” for the “Toggle/Checkbox/Checked” symbol is causing this error. Removing this from the symbol and applying a fill directly to the shape resolves the error when this symbol is pasted into Axure RP 9. This error is unexpected, so I’ll be filing a bug report regarding this for our respective teams to review. Thanks!

Ah, good to know, and thanks fore the reply!
Will you post here, when this is fixed?

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