Copy and pasting into preview (mac) doubles pixel size

If I select and copy widgets from Axure, and paste them into Preview on my MacBook, I can then re-copy and paste anywhere as an image. That’s great.

However, with Axure9, the pixel dimensions of what I copy from Axure are doubled when I paste into Preview. That’s not so great.

Anyone know why this is, and what I can do to revert to like for like sizing when cutting and pasting?

Hi SamTheLion!

This behavior looks to be related to a known issue that our teams have on file where screenshots, or in this case, a copy of a widget, captured from a Mac retina display screen can appear as double the size when previewed. A workaround for this would be to copy the widgets on an external, non-retina display or to modify the given preview file with some editing software. I’ve also gone ahead and added a note to our filed report regarding your experience.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Chelsea,
My Mac is non-retina display, so on that basis this doubling should not be happening.
Any further thoughts?

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