Copy Paste the Styles for Interaction "Mouse Over", "Selected", "Focus". Other found issues

Is the any way to copy paste styles from an interaction to other ones for this version? For ex, I used to create the same set of styles for actions “Mouse Over”, “Selected”, “Focus”. For now I has to create interactions repeatedly for these actions.

Another thing is, is there any way to remove all interactions of multiple widgets? I used to create a standard set of interactions for 1 widget and copy paste them to other widgets. After if I need adjust any interaction I need to remove all interactions from the copied ones, so it would be helpful to have option to remove all interactions of multiple widgets. I know I could use Repeater to avoid of this, but setup repeater in some situations are complex and cost time.

Sorry if these question has been posted somewhere else.

Thanks in advance.


  1. Scroll bar displayed incorrectly after change state in DP. (See attachment)Ax9.ScrollBarIncorrect.rp (51.1 KB)
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Hi alexlong,

Thanks for trying out the Axure RP 9 beta!

  1. You can copy & paste over a widget’s IX styles by copying the widget and then right-clicking on the targeted widget to select “Paste Special > Paste Style”. This will transfer over the original widget’s IX styles to the targeted widget, as well as the original widget’s non-IX style.

  2. There isn’t a way to remove all interactions from multiple widgets, but I’ll go ahead and file this as a feature request to our respective teams on your behalf.

  3. Thanks for the example file with the dynamic panel scrollbars! This looks like a bug, and I’ll get this filed with our QA team. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jane. You made my day :slight_smile:

Add more found issue:

  1. Functionality to hide the unnamed widget is not kept like Ax8 when I select target widget from another drop-down (see attachment)

  2. I cannot select the layers behind the front layers like Ax8. In Ax8 I click on a widget then wait in about 1s then click to select the layer behind and so on. Is this functionality removed or there is another way to do this?


Hi alexlong!

For the first issue, this is a known bug we have on file where the “Hide Unnamed” icon stays selected when adding a new target, but doesn’t keep them hidden, and I’ve added this post to that report.

For the second issue, it sounds like you are having trouble navigating through grouped widgets, is that right? Does this issue sound similar to the one here?

Hi Jane!

The Click Through issue is the thing I’m taking about.

I’ve try the option “Select Widget” from the discussion by your link, it seem to takes quite more time to select the underneath widgets. Could we keep the existed function of Ax8 :frowning:


Hi alexlong,

Sure thing. :slight_smile: I’ll let our product management team know you’d like the old way of navigating through layered widgets.

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More issues:

  1. The Grid intersection is displayed not properly
  2. Strange white line

My laptop specifications:

Hi alexlong,

Yep, we have this one on file where the grid becomes distorted after dragging the canvas. I’ve added this post to that report as well, and we’ll hopefully see this resolved soon. :slight_smile:

I noticed the HTML CSS rendered from v9 is different from v8. For example, I created a box with shadow effect, with v8 I can inspect and get the style from browser(this is very convenient for Front-end developer), but with v9 the box is rendered as an SVG image. Not sure why the rendering engine is changed, but this is really effect the way of working :frowning:

Cannot trigger the interactions on Iphone Web browser (Chrome and Safari) after update to version

I can do interaction such as Click, Focus on Text field… from Axshare app, but when choose to open on Safari, I can do interaction anymore.

Hi alexlong,

I’m having a hard time reproducing the two issues you described. Are you able to reproduce the box-shadow and Safari interaction issues in a brand new .rp file? If you find it’s specific to your file, could you share your RP file so I can see what you’re seeing? If you’re unable to share the file publically, feel free to email into with the file attached.