Copy repeater rows (all of them) from one page to another

Hello all,
I have searched the forums for this particular problem set and have not found a solution. Like this post and it seems like no one has responded. I am looking to copy a repeater from page 1 to page 2, all rows no manipulation of data etc. And I have not been able to find any viable solution. Any help would be much appreciated.
The attached file is work in progress so please do not mind the incomplete nature of this artifact.
Thanks.Repeater Copy.rp (77.4 KB)

got no license for rp10. any screenshot available?

There’s no easy way to do this in native Axure. Depending on your comfort level with JavaScript, you can try using the method from DeJongh’s site: interaction:axure_javascript - DE JONGH.DK

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Thanks I did take a look and there is a potential solution. However, adding JS is not as straightforward. I have pinged @sam.hepworth to seek help. Lets see if he responds.

Its a basic repeater which I need to copy to page2

You can do this in Axure, without JS injection. I won’t claim it is necessarily easy, but it does use fairly straightforward logic and interaction code.

The only way to pass data from one page to another in Axure is to use global variables. So the basic approach is to transfer the repeater dataset on page 1 to global variable(s) and then on page 2 build out the repeater from the global variable(s). You can automate this by building in a way for your “page 1” repeater to track its data in global variables as it builds its rows–in the Item Loaded event; and likewise, for the “page 2” repeater, automate building it in that page’s Page Loaded event, by repeatedly calling an Add Rows action and “filling out” each row using the data in the global variable(s). Here is a thread demonstrating this method (works for any version of Axure to date):

An alternate approach is to keep everything on one actual Axure web page, and fake the page changes. You can represent separate pages as separate states in a dynamic panel. Instead of opening a page link, change the state of the dynamic panel. Then, either hide-move-show your repeater, or build/edit/change both repeaters at the same time. In other words, if you add a row to Repeater-1 (in State 1), have its Item Loaded event add a row to Repeater-2 (in State 2.)